Color Me Rad 5K Comes to Okinawa

by Mariko Cook (沖縄県)


Color Me Rad 5K8:47AM, November 2nd, Sunday:  My friend and I pulled into the parking lot of Color Me Rad. Sunny skies, a few cotton candy clouds, and a perfect view of the horizon. If you’ve participated in the event or have seen pictures, you know that how the 5K works is that you run/walk through a course with a number of color stations. Each color station has volunteers who throw colored powder at you (totally non-toxic, by the way) as you go through, coloring you rad. We arrived at the beachside location about an hour before our registered time to run, and what we showed up to was absolutely amazing. Located right next to the beach was a DJ blasting EDM on stage, with all of the participants dressed up in their flashy attire, jumping and dancing around to the upbeat music at NINE (!!!) in the morning. The perfect way to pump up for the event!

My friend and I ended up being two people out of a handful who actually ran the 5K (which was really only a 3K, but it’s all good). We got through the course in roughly 15 minutes and by the end, we were plastered in pink, yellow, orange, and green powder – we looked like aliens. The Color Me Rad 5K isn’t really for marathoners or people training for longer runs. It’s a run/walk for people of all ages to enjoy. It’s a family-friendly, go-at-your-own-pace and go-for-the-experience type of 5K. It’s worth the experience to walk around a supermarket covered in the powder, too. I highly recommend Color Me Rad for everyone! Please check out for more information. It could be coming to a location near you! ◆

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