The API Experience Podcast: Episode 1

After weeks of hard work, we are proud to announce the official debut of The API Experience Podcast, feauturing Kevin Lor, Hiro Edeza, and Noelle Uba! Listen to Episode 1 on Spotify or Apple Podcasts now. Email us at with any questions, comments, or if you would like to be featured on the podcast.

Episode Description:

Moving to Japan was a big step out of her comfort zone. Noelle is a 4th year ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in the JET Programme. She is also one of two API AJET National Representatives. She moved to Japan in the summer of 2019. After her first year as a munnicipal JET in the countryside of Japan, she was transferred to the Ibaraki Board of Education as a prefectural JET. Noelle discusses her own API experiences, as well as the support differences between two different Boards of Education.

Host: Kevin Lor
Co-Host: Hiro Edeza
Guest: Noelle Uba


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