Japanese-American Internment  |  Level: Low-level English, 3rd year Senior High, Special class for 1st year Senior High

Original Lesson Planner’s Reflections: “I began by drawing Japan and Hawaii on the chalkboard to demonstrate how my great grandfather went from Japan, to Hawaii, where my Grandma was born. Next to Hawaii, I wrote “Pearl Harbor” and asked them what year WW2 happened. I wrote Dec. 7, 1941 on the board and explained how on this my Grandfather was taken, and then my Grandma. (They were separated, which I come back to later in the lesson.)

Unfortunately, I also only had an hour and wasn’t able to finish all my scenarios. But I introduced a good amount especially given that they don’t know anything about internment. I had planned to show an AJ+ video at the end which includes interviews of those once interned and their thoughts on loyalty to the US.

I actually prepared a lesson plan document for myself and my JTE if you would like to take a look. It was definitely one of those lessons where I just kind of went for it. I wasn’t really satisfied because I didn’t know how to gauge their understanding, but my JTEs thought it went well and that the students learned something they had not previously known.”